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Matches 51 to 100 of 3127

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51 !Harry Hinkle. Arlotta of Falaise
52 !Mick Frankol. See his notes in my files. Arrived in the US in 1649. Audrey
53 !Her obit is in the LaPlata Home Press. The statement is not made that this William is her husband, rather: She is survived by her husband W. S. Mikel, two sons and her relatives her(LaPlata). Her nieces are named, and so I decifered that she is the wife of this William. Obit says: Mrs. Mikel was one of the first white girls born at Bartlesville.

DEATH: !Date of death calculated from obituary which says she died Tuesday, and Paper was printed on Feb 15, a Thursday. 
54 !She was a widdow when she married Jesse Lee Minton. and she had 5 children. Curtis, Elizabeth Myra
55 !Margaret Mobley. Edith A.
56 !Harry Hinkle. Edward I
57 !Harry Hinkle. Edward II
58 !Harry Hinkle. Edward III
59 !Harry Hinkle. Elenor of Guienne
60 In the 1850 census a 21 yr Marg Shoup is living with Eliza and Daniel. It is possible that she is a sister of Eliza. This would suggest a possible maiden name of Shoup. Eliza Jane
61 !Carol Mallory. Elizabeth
62 !Margaret Mobley. Elizabeth
63 2nd sealing to husband date "1 Oct 1956" Elizabeth
64 !

!Margaret Mobley. 
65 !Margaret Mobley. Emily
66 !Harry Hinkle. Henry I
67 !Harry Hinkle. Henry II
68 !Harry Hinkle. Henry III
69 !Harry Hinkle. Isabel of Angouleme
70 !148 The Price Family p. 357. 1994 Anc File. Isabel Jurinjak. Md. 2nd Benjamin
71 !Harry Hinkle. Isabella of France
72 !Margaret Mobley: Cem Rec. Wilkes North Carolina Jane
73 !Margaret Mobley. Judy
74 !Harry Hinkle. King John
75 !Margaret Mobley. 1900 Schuyler Co. Census. Louisa J.
76 !Loretta Bingham. In a gift deed dated 3 Aug 1819 he gives property to his
sister Hannah Elston. He and his wife had no children. 
77 !Correspondence to Esther Everett. Lurany
78 SOURCE: Marriage Register for Joseph H. Graham & Annabel Keith Virginia
film# 0031345
SOURCE: 1880 Census Virginia Floyd Co. Dated 23 Jun 1880 Alum Ridge District
Occupation: Keeping House Age: 38 
79 !Margaret Mobley. Margaret E.
80 !Margaret Mobley Mariah
81 !Margaret Mobley. Marie
82 !Information from John A. Fields and Paul Raab. Infor varies slightly. Martha
83 !Loretta Bingham.
!1. D. L. Jacobus - History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield. 3
2. F. U. Bailey - Early Conn. marriages as found in Ancietnt church Records
prior to 1800 7 Vol. Nemerous Husteds, but no Hannah to John Doty.
3. J. E. Stillwell - Historical and Gen Miscellancy: Early settlers of New
Jersey and Descendents 5 Vols - (Needs to be re-checked)
4. New Jersey Archives First Series Vol 22 Marriage Records 1665 - 1800.
5. Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pa. Vol 3 pp 1282-3 Husted Family
6. Reynolds Family of Va. Index - Numerous Husteds
7. Husted Notes MS by Mrs. J. C. Kerr.
8. Descendents of David Husted, and WF Millicent Barton MS. of Talph E. Boyce
and Geo E. MeCracken 1952.
9. Descendends of Reuben Husted, son of David MS by William De La Vergne
Baldwin 1940. Some checked others not -- A vital marriage record for Hannah
Husted and John Doty of in N> J. would be almost unheard of in New Jersey.
Hohn and Hannah's daughter Lucy gave birthplace as New Jersey/
!AF lists last name as Mead. 
84 Childrens births are listed in Wendreon Parish, Cornwall, England Film # 916,989
Died at age 73. 
85 !

!Margaret Mobley. 
Mary E.
86 !Harry Hinkle. Matilda
87 !Harry Hinkle. Matilda of Flanders
88 !1870 Census, Johnson Co. Mo.
I don't know nothing else about this marriage. Kathleen Wade, whose husband is a descendant of Hiram lists only Christine Hawker as a spouse. 
89 !Harry Hinkle. Philippa of Hainnault
90 SOURCE: R.B. Caudill Blackey, Kentucky Polly
91 SOURCE: 1880 Census Records of Breathitt Kentucky Age 30
Submitted by Tessie Back Parsons (FGR Archives) 
Rebecca (Back)
92 Submitted by Tessie Back Parsons (FGR Archives)

SOURCE: Family Bible Edward Back Adair Oklahoma 
93 Price Papers sent to Esther Everett by Ruth Bagby in 1970. Ruth
94 !Margaret Mobley. Sarah
95 !Margaret Mobley.
1870 Census. Montgomery Co Kansas. 
Sarah B.
96 SOURCE: 1880 Census Soundex Virginia Film# 0448974, Little River District
Age: 39

?Could the F. stand for beginning of surname 
Sarah F.
97 !Margaret Mobley: Sarah M.
98 !Price Papers sent to Esther Everett by Ruth Bagby in 1970. Sarah Rose
99 Margaret Mobley. Servilla
100 !1870 Census. Margaret Mobley. Susan

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